Our Capabilities

komi provides the critical data and technology you need to market more effectively.

We provide a wide array of data and digital marketing solutions that help our clients in acquiring new customers, retaining their current customers and creating new revenue channels.

Data Appending

Enrich your customer database to learn more about who they are, and find new ways to reach them.

We provide our clients with a wide array of attributes that they can append to their customer files.

We also provide data hygiene services such as NCOA and ECOA.

  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Device ID 
  • IP address 
  • Lifestyle attributes 
  • Demographics
  • New movers data
  • Property data
  • Firmagraphic data 
  • and more… 

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Geo Digital Ad Branding

Targetng all households within a defined geographic marketplace with low cost digital ads to promote brand awareness and special events.

Web Data Capture

All web traffic to your site will be captured and retargeted for custom digital campaigns whether a visitor fills out a form or not.

Precise Auto Targeting

Segmented digital campaigns that target individuals and households that own a specific type of vehicle and/or most likely to next purchase that auto classification.

Competitor Conquest

Competitive locations will be geofenced. We will run digital campaigns on behalf of our clients in real-time to individuals that are on competitor properties.

Audience Retargeting

Place your ad in the content of an article. Articles can be targeted on social and news sites. These campaigns consistently have higher engagement rates.

In-The-Market Leads

Visitors to competitive locations, people trying to sell similar products or services, and people surfing related websites are identified for digital campaigns.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Email and direct mail campaigns should be integrated with digital messaging. Display ad messaging can be served before the email or mail dates. This process historically increases response rates by 20% or more. Digital audiences are created by implementing the same criteria used to build the email or mailing lists.

Custom Digital Audiences

National digital audiences can be created from visitors to specific sites that support digital display. These lists will be trimmed to the defined location marketing area.

Customer Marketing

Your customer data records can be digitally on-boarded and we run campaigns about your products and services to keep you front of mind with past customers.

komi delivers better results, higher impact, more traffic to your sites, and stronger ROI.

Through our rich datasets and digital channel reach, we are able to help both identify the consumers that you’re looking for and provide a comprehensive multi-touch journey campaign that allows for higher frequency and touch points of your ads.